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Real Estate Investment Property


Exclusive Investment Opportunity: 134-Unit Multifamily Asset Near Robins Air Force Base

Location: 120 Ignico Dr, Warner Robins, GA 31093

Price: $11,500,000

Harvest River Partners presents a unique investment opportunity in a strategically located 134-unit apartment complex at 120 Ignico Dr, Warner Robins, GA. This offering is poised for significant value-add and revenue growth, standing out for investors specializing in multifamily properties and presenting a compelling blend of challenge and opportunity near the Robins Air Force Base.

Investment Highlights:

  • Prime Location: Nestled directly across from a 200-unit complex and mere yards from the Robins Air Force Base, enhancing tenant demand and investment appeal.

  • Value-Add Potential: With current rents significantly below market rate, there's substantial upside through strategic management and operational efficiencies.

  • Occupancy Improvement Opportunity: Approximately 30% occupied due to previous management challenges. Recent in-house management initiatives promise a swift recovery in occupancy.

  • Financial Considerations: The past 12 months have seen underperformance due to management issues and low occupancy. However, there is a potential for substantial income increase, particularly with adjustments in RUBS and occupancy rates.

  • Asset Structuring: Owned in a single-purpose entity, allowing for an LLC membership interest transfer and potential tax advantages.

  • Operational Upsides: With in-house management having recently taken over, the groundwork for stabilization has been laid, including staff restructuring and property improvements.

Property Overview: This 134-unit complex represents a moderate to heavy value-add investment, requiring an investor with a strong background in renovations, project management, and a deep understanding of the multifamily market. The seller, having taken control after challenges with third-party management, has initiated a turnaround strategy but seeks to divest due to broader operational commitments.

Sale Structure Flexibility: The seller is open to creative structuring of the sale to facilitate a smooth and advantageous acquisition for the buyer. This includes options for outright purchase or leveraging buyer's financing. A strong preference is given to buyers who can act swiftly, potentially offering quick closings and significant down payments.

Request for Proposals: We invite seasoned multifamily investors to consider this unique investment opportunity. For those looking to expand their portfolio with a project offering ample "meat on the bone," this property at 120 Ignico Dr represents an excellent balance-sheet builder with long-term growth prospects.

Harvest River Partners

Eric Brinson


Mobile: 615-987-7897

*Note* You DO NOT have permission to market this property in anyway to anyone on any social media platforms, email, or direct to someone you know. You DO NOT have permission to mark up the property for your profit. If you know someone who may want to invest with us on this property contact directly to discuss. This is an off-market investment opportunity.

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