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784 Briarcliff RD NE Atlanta, GA 30306 - Available Opportunity

Updated: Jan 25

Real Estate Investment Property


Financial Overview:

  • Asking Price: $4,260,000

  • Gross Monthly Rent: $32,000

  • Portfolio Price (5 properties, 36 units): $4,200,000

  • Minimum Down Payment for Portfolio: 35% = $1,470,000

Property Overview:

Address: 784 Briarcliff RD NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

Type: Multifamily

Number of Units: 5

Square Footage: 4,332 sq ft

Bedrooms: 72

Bathrooms: 41.5

Year Built: 1930

Zoning: N/A

Current Occupancy:

  • Market Rent: $32,000/month

  • Occupancy: Rented

Portfolio Properties:

  1. 323 S. King Ave., Pine Mountain, GA

  2. 506 N. 2nd Street, Lafayette, GA

  3. 372 Grier Street, Macon, GA

  4. 303 E. Lee Street, Thomaston, GA

Investment Overview:

This multifamily property at 784 Briarcliff RD NE in Atlanta, GA, is part of a portfolio offering with a total of 5 properties and 36 units. With a current market rent of $32,000/month, there is potential for value appreciation through renovation and increased rental income.

Loan Information:

  • Existing non-recourse first loan on the portfolio with a 3.95% interest rate and an original 10-year term.

  • The loan is assumable with lender approval and payment of a 1% assumption fee.

  • A Seller second loan is possible (with a minimum down payment of 35%) with terms to be negotiated.

Capital Stack and Sale Structure:

  • Seller is open to facilitating a Buyer's 1031 tax-deferred exchange.

  • Please contact the listing agent for more details regarding the capital stack and possible sale structure.

Investment Highlights:

  • Walking distance to the resort city Pine Mountain.

  • Turn-key rental properties with below-market interest rates and non-recourse financing.

  • Great opportunity for a 1031 tax-deferred exchange.

  • 100% occupied with a gross monthly rent of $32,000.


A&R Development & Acquisitions

Eric Brinson, REALTOR and General Contractor

Mobile: 615-987-7897

*Note* You DO NOT have permission to market this property in anyway to anyone on any social media platforms, email, or direct to someone you know. You DO NOT have permission to mark up the property for your profit. If you know someone who may want to invest with us on this property contact directly to discuss. This is an off market investment opportunity.

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