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ITB: Masonry Repair: Brick Wall & Curb in Subdivision - Nashville, TN

Invitation To Bid

Project Description

Invitation to Bid: Entrance Brick Wall Repair and Maintenance at Laurelwood

Project Overview: Harvest River Partners is seeking bids from qualified contractors for the repair and maintenance of the brick wall and concrete curbs at the entrance of Laurelwood. This project requires precision and expertise in masonry and concrete work to ensure quality and durability.

Detailed Work Specifications:

Brick Wall Repair:

  • Address fractures, separations, and collapsing sections across 10 identified areas of the brick wall.

  • Carefully remove all damaged bricks and rebuild the sections as necessary.

  • Dispose of all removed materials properly off-site.

  • Match the existing brick and grout.

  • Wall dimensions: 7 sections, each 22 ft wide and 3 ft high, extending up to a maximum of 4 ft near each of the 8 supporting columns.

  • Brick specifications: 7 7/8” L x 2 3/4” W in red.

  • Columns: Each 16” square and 5 ft high, with a top cap of 20” x 20”, 3” thick concrete.

  • Pressure wash both sides of the brick wall, total 1500 sq ft (750 sq ft each side), including all columns and sections.

Concrete Curb Repair:

  • Entrance Sign Island:

  • Repair damaged corners by cutting out and replacing concrete.

  • Left Side: 2 ft on each side of the corner, totaling 4 linear ft at 9” height.

  • Right Side: 3 ft on each side of the corner, totaling 6 linear ft at 6” height.

  • Main Drive – 3rd Island (Middle):

  • Section 1: Curved Curb closest to Main Street, cut out and replace 50 linear ft of curb at 5” height.

  • Section 2: Curved Curb closest to Pool House, cut out and replace 30 linear ft of curb at 9” height.

  • Match the existing concrete material and style for both sections.

Proposal Requirements:

  • Bidders must include comprehensive costs for labor, materials, and equipment.

  • Estimated project timeline (to be specified by the bidder based on their experience and assessment).

Bid Submission Guidelines: Interested subcontractors are invited to submit their bids by 5/13/2023. Bids must comprehensively address the scope of services required, including all labor and specified materials (carpet and vinyl plank flooring). Paint, fixtures, and countertops will be provided by the client and should not be included in the bid for materials.

Submission Access: Detailed bid packages and project specifications can be accessed via the button below:

Client: Undisclosed

Bidding End Date: May 13, 2024

Building Use: Subdivision

Status: Planning/Budgeting

Construction Type: Public

Project Type: Renovation

Estimated start date: ASAP

Estimated end date: Upon Completion

Project Value: Undisclosed

Trades Requested: Masonry

Offer Submission: For serious inquiries and to submissions, please contact us directly at

Harvest River Partners

Eric Brinson


Mobile: 615-987-7897

Note: By participating in this Invitation to Bid, you agree to uphold the confidentiality of all project details. Subcontractors and their affiliates are expressly forbidden from using information about this project or the property for marketing purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, promotion on social media platforms, emails, or direct communications. Furthermore, subcontractors may not mark up or solicit additional profit from the project without explicit permission from Harvest River Partners. If you are aware of potential investors or interested parties, please direct all inquiries to Eric Brinson. at Violation of these terms can result in immediate disqualification from the bidding process and potential legal action.

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