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Refer Off-Market Properties, Earn A Commission

Designed to reward service providers for their referrals with a 1% commission on successful leads.

Submit your referral now!

Your Custom Home Journey

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do, and delivering a customized experience is our utmost priority. Whether you're remodeling your kitchen or building your dream home, Harvest River Partners ensures the quality and trust you deserve. Our process is straightforward and focused on exceeding your expectations.


Start with a consultation with our team to discuss your vision, budget, and timeline. Together, we'll explore your needs and design preferences to bring your dream home to life.


If you haven't already acquired land, our team can help you choose from our selection of prime plots to find the perfect one for your custom home.


Collaborate with our architects to select or create designs that align with your desires and the characteristics of your chosen plot.


Finalize the design with our team, then let us handle obtaining the necessary approvals and permits, ensuring coordination with local authorities for compliance.

Submit Referral

Easily refer off-market properties by providing the necessary details through our user-friendly online referral submission portal. Our streamlined process ensures that your referrals are handled quickly and efficiently.

Submit Online

Access the referral submission page on the Harvest River Construction website to submit your referral.

Enter Property Details

Fill in the property address along with the contact information of the owner or point of contact. Ensure all details are accurate to facilitate a smooth follow-up process.

Submit for Review

Once all information is entered, submit the form. Our team will review the submission and contact you if additional information is needed or to schedule a site visit.

Offer Process

When a property aligns with our criteria, we diligently craft and present a competitive offer to the referral, tailored to maximize value and meet the unique needs of the property owner or seller.

Criteria Alignment

We carefully assess properties that meet our renovation or construction requirements to ensure they fit within our investment strategy.

Competitive Offer

Our team formulates an offer that takes into account current market conditions, as well as the property's assessed value and potential for future development.

Negotiation and Finalization

Upon mutual agreement, we initiate negotiations to finalize the offer terms. Throughout this process, we prioritize transparency and ensure all parties involved have a clear understanding of the transaction details.

Commission Payment

Upon acceptance of our offer and the successful closing of the property transaction, you are entitled to receive a 1% commission, which serves as a token of our appreciation for your role in facilitating the transaction and contributing to our project's success.

Acceptance of Offer

After the property owner accepts our competitive offer, we move forward with preparing for the closing process, ensuring all necessary documentation and agreements are in place.

Successful Closing

The commission payment is processed promptly following the successful completion of the property sale, guaranteeing that you receive your well-deserved compensation without delay.

Receiving Your Commission

We prioritize the timely distribution of your 1% commission, acknowledging your contribution to connecting us with valuable property opportunities.

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