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ITB: NEW CONSTRUCTION : (2) Single Family Homes - Memphis, TN

Updated: Apr 27

Invitation To Bid

Project Description

Invitation to Bid: Construction of Two Residential Homes

Project Location: Memphis, TN

Project Overview: Harvest River Partners is excited to announce bidding opportunities for the construction of two single-family homes, each approximately 3,000 square feet, on a subdivided parcel in Memphis, TN. These properties will be equipped with septic systems, which should be included in the plumbing bids.

Bid Requirements:

  1. MEP Subcontractors: All MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) subcontractors are required to provide their own plans for service installations and include comprehensive quotes. Bids must include all materials needed for MEP services.

  2. Carpentry, Roofing, and Other Non-Licensed Trades: Bidders should include a materials allowance in their proposals to ensure comprehensive coverage of project needs.

  3. Material Handling Responsibilities: All selected subcontractors are required to manage the pickup and delivery of materials necessary for their assigned tasks. While materials for certain trades will be purchased directly by the client, subcontractors must still coordinate their own logistics to ensure these materials are available on the job site as needed. This responsibility includes handling, storage, and proper placement to facilitate efficient project execution. It is crucial that each subcontractor accommodates these logistics within their planning and bidding processes.

Submission Details: Interested subcontractors from our Contractor Network are invited to submit their bids by May 3, 2024. Detailed bid packages and project specifications can be accessed via the following button.

Client: Undisclosed

Bidding End Date: May 3, 2024

Building Use: Single Family

Status: Budgeting/Planning

Construction Type: Private

Project Type: New Construction

Estimated start date: May 20, 2024

Estimated end date: TBD

Project Value

Trades Requested All

Offer Submission: For serious inquiries and to submissions, please contact us directly at

Harvest River Partners

Eric Brinson


Mobile: 615-987-7897

Note: By participating in this Invitation to Bid, you agree to uphold the confidentiality of all project details. Subcontractors and their affiliates are expressly forbidden from using information about this project or the property for marketing purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, promotion on social media platforms, emails, or direct communications. Furthermore, subcontractors may not mark up or solicit additional profit from the project without explicit permission from Harvest River Partners. If you are aware of potential investors or interested parties, please direct all inquiries to Eric Brinson. at Violation of these terms can result in immediate disqualification from the bidding process and potential legal action.

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