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ITB: COMMMERCIAL RENOVATION : Install Roofing, Windows, Doors, & Painting - Middle Tennessee

Invitation To Bid

Project Description

Invitation to Bid: Construction Management Partnership with Lowe's Commercial Division

Project Overview: Harvest River Partners is proud to partner with Lowe's Commercial Division to manage renovation projects across the Middle Tennessee Region. Our projects include renovations in apartment complexes, office buildings, senior housing facilities, and various commercial job sites. The scope of work will primarily involve renovations and installations of roofs, windows, doors, and painting of large assets.

Contract Details:

  • Duration: The contract period is for 12 months.

  • Workload Management: We are seeking additional crews to handle the increasing volume of work effectively.

Bid Submission Guidelines:

  • Labor Only: Bids should be submitted for labor costs only. All materials will be provided by the clients.

  • Material Handling: Subcontractors will be responsible for the pickup and delivery of client-provided materials. Please ensure your bid reflects the capability to manage this requirement efficiently.

Subcontractor Requirements:

  • Background Checks: All new subcontractors must successfully pass a background check prior to engagement.

  • Territory: The work will cover the entire Middle Tennessee Region.

Additional Notes: Given the breadth of our projects and the need for efficient logistics, subcontractors should consider their capacity to manage large-scale operations. We look forward to your participation in this extensive and dynamic project.

Submission Details: Interested subcontractors from our Contractor Network are invited to submit their bids by ASAP. Detailed bid packages and project specifications can be accessed via the following button.

Client: Lowe's

Bidding End Date: May 15, 2024

Building Use: Various Commercial

Status: Planning/Budgeting

Construction Type: Private

Project Type: Renovation

Estimated start date: In-Process

Estimated end date: 5/1/2025

Project Value: Undisclosed

Trades Requested: Roofing, Carpentry, Painting, & Framing.

Offer Submission: For serious inquiries and to submissions, please contact us directly at

Harvest River Partners

Eric Brinson


Mobile: 615-987-7897

Note: By participating in this Invitation to Bid, you agree to uphold the confidentiality of all project details. Subcontractors and their affiliates are expressly forbidden from using information about this project or the property for marketing purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, promotion on social media platforms, emails, or direct communications. Furthermore, subcontractors may not mark up or solicit additional profit from the project without explicit permission from Harvest River Partners. If you are aware of potential investors or interested parties, please direct all inquiries to Eric Brinson. at Violation of these terms can result in immediate disqualification from the bidding process and potential legal action.

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